The need for Business Continuity

Many backup solutions on the market today work very well and are good secure choices but they really don't provide true business continuity.

Business continuity is important because it means after a loss or failure you need to be able to get your business back up and running. Using Traditional backup solutions this means you will be down for hours if not days. With Backup computing and Datto we reduce that to minutes! Contact me and let me show you how and why we can do this!

Click here  to see how much even a simple disaster could cost your business: Datto RTO Tool.


Want to see our solution in action take a look at this video! If the embedded video does work you can see it here:  Datto Backup and Restore Demo Video



Failure is coming:

Your business depends on the data you collect. Every business will suffer a failure or a human mistake at sometime.Contact us and let us help your protect yourself from Disaster.


Backup Computing provides backup and recovery services using Datto reverse chain imaging technology. Whether it's Ransonware or virus infection, a drive crash, a power surge, fire, natural disaster, or simple user error Backup Computing and Datto can have you back up and running in less than 10 minutes.


Recovery options include: file/folder recovery, full bare-metal restores, or using the integrated virtualization technology in real time. Backup can be taken in as little as 5 minutes increments. Never lose your data again.


Ransonware attacks which are on the increase. Old backup technologies, many of which are still in use, use a base image and incremental backups. These can take hours to recover and are NOT backup point independant. This means is an infection could already be there and trying to restore just allows the virus to execute again.


Let us introduce you to true data security. It's not IF you are going to be hit with Ransomware or a major data disaster, it's WHEN. Over 75% of IT service providers had a client hit with ransomware in the first 6 months of 2017. A majority of which had multiple clients infected.


A multilayered approach is the only protection. Backup Computing provides one.


Backup Prices

All business decisions ultimately come down to price. The best way to consider and Off-site backup plan is that it is really an insurance plan for your data.

How much would it cost you to recover from a computer crash?

Use this simple tool to see how much it could cost you:  Disaster Time Recovery Tool


IT services

As a regular part of a good business continuity plan, it is essential that businesses implement good IT procedures. Backup Computing will assist companies in developing and carrying out these procedures.

We provide all these services at very reasonable costs.




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