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Data Security for Business Continuity Pricing

Blank Backup Computing Backup Agreement
This is a blank backup agreement that the customer will sign up contacting and contracting Backup Computing to provide backup services.
Adobe Acrobat document [259.9 KB]

Cloud backups are critical to keep your business running and allow for the ability to continue business operations even in the event of a hardware failure or disaster.


Backup Computing backup services provide an on-premises device using reverse chain image backups OR a Network Attached Storage (NAS). Systems priced below are aimed at small business. We support and install additional models that can scale for larger backup needs, all the way to handling 10's of terabytes of data! (Note Alto devices do not scale.) So we can provide backup services for any company that needs it no matter the size. Contact Us  for a custom quote sized and configured to your needs.

The Backup Services Agreement (ABOVE) has additional important details.

All devices require an initial One year service agreement, after which service is provided month to month.


Datto Network Attached Storage (NAS) Units:

These devices are a great way to provide File management services to your network AND have a secure off-site backup for those files as well. They are able to interface and use domain authentication.

Datto NAS units come with 2 hours of initial configuration support included.

All support or recovery services billed at prevailing IT service agreement per hour rate beyond initial install and config. Warranty or support for issues determined to be cause by Datto, its software, or settings is included at no cost.


NAS Type


Monthly Service Fee

Hardware Lease per month

Datto NAS B500

Legacy only

$          49.00

$          30.00

Datto NAS

Value 2TB, Best value

$          90.00

$          50.00

Datto NAS-X Small

1 TB Flash

$          70.00

$          75.00


Datto Siris-X or Siris3 Units:

Backup Computing will assist in determining the most cost effective device to use and includes 4 hours of initial installation & configuration support.

All Siris hardware provide for both on-site and cloud virtualization, speeding up recovery and performance. Hardware leases are per device. All devices monthly service amounts include up to 1 hour of general monitoring and all device software/OS updates.




Monthly Service Fee

Hardware Lease per month

Datto Siris3

Raid Based 1 TB (Suggested for covering more than 1 computer)

$    140.00

 $      95.00

Datto Siris-X

Flash 1 or 2TB, Best for 1 or 2 servers! Monthly service fee per protected agent

 $    110.00

 $      80.00


Datto Alto3 Units:

Priced per "server" protected and include 2 hours of initial installation & configuration support. The Alto is cloud based virtualization limited to 30 days per year of emergency virtualization.

Hardware lease is per device. All monthly service includes up to 1 hour of general monitoring and all device software/OS update costs.




Monthly Service Fee

Hardware Lease per month

Datto ALTO

Best for 1 Machine Backup, 2 TB!

Monthly service fee per protected agent

 $          99.00

 $            5.00


Backup Computing IT Support Pricing

Backup Computing Support Agreement
Blank copy of the services agreement all customers will sign upon engaging Backup computing for IT support.
Adobe Acrobat document [177.5 KB]

Backup Computing provides IT support services as well as Data Security for Business Continuity. There are two levels of computer service agreements.


Basic Support Agreements: This service level is for customers who need the occasional support but wish to take advantage of mostly automated updates, Anti-virus, DNS protection, remote management, monitoring and access. It has a low monthly service fee and customers pay by the hour for all support.


Deluxe Support Agreements: This service level agreement is for customers who wish Backup Computing to be more actively involved by performing routine tasks such as checking updates, providing on-site support, and end-user assistance. This agreement has a built in number of hours of support with unused hours from one month rolling into the next month.


General Information:

1)      All on-site support is billed at a one hour minimum. All Remote support billed in 15 minute increments.

2)      Backup Computing does not charge a trip charge, though under the Basic plan on-site support is charged at a higher rate.

3)      Block purchased hours apply to both on-site and remote billable support hours.

4)      For deluxe plans, a maximum of 10 hours may be rolled. If a customer reaches more than 10 hours to roll, 10 hours will rolled and the customer will be given a discount for all succeeding months there are 10 hours or more to roll. (up to 50% of the monthly agreement.)

5)      Pre-purchased hours expire 2 years from the date of purchase.


Both agreements include Autotask Remote Management Software, Webroot SecureAnywhere, and Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS services included. Initial configuration for these will be provided to the customer at no additional cost.





Monthly due

per PC

Included hours


per hour


Per hour

Block Purchase

Basic Plan

$ 10.00

Monthly Minimum of $25


 $ 100.00

 $ 120.00

5 hours for $450

Deluxe Plan

1 - 2 $100/mo each

3 - 8 PCs $50/mo each

9+ $10/mo

1 hr each for first 2 PCs

+0.5 hr each for 3 - 8 PC's

 $ 90.00

 $  90.00

5 hours for $400


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