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WHY BACKUP? Business Continuity

Many backup solutions on the market today work very well and are good secure choices but they really don't provide true business continuity.

Business continuity is important because it means after a loss or failure you need to beable to get your business back up and running. Using Traditional backup solutions this means you will be down for hours if not days. With Backup computing and Datto we reduce that to minutes! Contact me and let me show you how and why we can do this!


Failure is coming:

Your business depends on the data you collect. Every business will suffer a failure or a human mistake at sometime. The following is about how Datto backup servers and Backup Computing can protect you from data loss.

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All business decisions ultimately come down to price. The best way to consider and Off-site backup plan is that it is really an insurance plan for your data.

How much would it cost you to recover from a computer crash? How many hours/days can you go without access to your data and computer?

Studies show that a major data failure that goes on beyond 3-5 days 70% of the time means the company is out of business within two years. Of that roughly 50% never open their doors again!

Backup Computing is committed to making sure all customers are prepared for a failure. We can have your business back up and running in minutes instead of hours or days, so you can get back to the business or running your business not stressing over a failed server.

Additionally, backup plans are on a month to month so you can change at any time. But we believe once you have seen our systems in place you will not want to try anything else! Free demonstrations available.

Why Can’t I do this Myself:

Because like everyone else you will forget, get lazy, fail to backup and wham here comes the failure! The biggest reason for data loss is not hardware issues, though those are high as well, its human mistakes. Face it we all make mistakes. Making sure they don’t cost your business is why I have teamed up with Datto to provide a World class solution.

Using Templin Computing Backup Service

With Datto’s help Backup Computing’s solution takes images of the entire computer. No more making sure you have tagged the file/folders you need to backup. We just backup everything so your computer can be restored to the exact same state it was when it failed. (Or as close as we can.)

The backups use a special reverse chain backup system to make the backups fast and efficient.

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